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Medcana is building the technology, laboratories, growing facilities, and scientific teams to provide premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts to the world. All with absolute integrity, sustainability, and social responsibility

A worldwide force for better cannabis products

MedCana’s goal is to be the world's premier resource for pharmaceutical cannabis products.

- Blockchain technology to track every product from seed to the growing facility to the final product, developed by our team 


- Scientists, Engineers and Chemists from US and Colombia


-. Laboratory equipment from US, Germany and Switzerland


- Partners with growing  facilities in Colombia and Ecuador


- International management team from US and Colombia


MedCana’s advantage is our global view and reach. From initial grow to final product, we’ll be helping partners produce produce pharmaceutical CBD and other extracts that will have no equal. 

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The latitude gives us maximum sunlight hours year round.  The altitude at 6900 ft above sea level keeps the temperature range nearly constant.


Our employees are highly skilled, loyal and motivated with experience in flower cultivation. We’re able to pay substantially higher wages than anyone in the region while still being dramatically less expensive than most countries. 


Water and sunshine. The property has seven fresh-water springs, combined with over 100 inches of annual rainfall. Add to that, the most important river in the region, the Rio Negro also runs along the southern border of the ranch. 

MedCana’s partners growing facilities in the Antioquia Valley could be the true Garden of Eden for cannabis production. 


Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol

Our team of pharmaceutical scientists are some of the most respected chemists in the country. They’ll ensure we’ll be creating premium cannabinoids and cannabis extracts that will meet the worldwide demand.  Out technology will help guarantee traceability and quality at a level unlike anything in the industry.


Meet the MedCana Team

Experienced leadership poised to scale operations at every level of growth

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