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about us

Our mission is to utilize our technology to partner with and and develop companies that provide premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts with absolute integrity, sustainability, and social responsibility.


Our team of pharmaceutical scientists are some of the most respected chemists in the world. They’ll Ensure that our customers and partners will be creating premium Pharmaceuticalgrade Cannabis extracts that will meet the growing worldwide demand.  Our software will ensure traceability and quality from seed to products unlike anything on the market

MedCana customers and partners will manufacture pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol extracts with the aid of our production software.  One of our companies will be a globally certified lab. Certification for distribution will be through PIC/S – (Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme). PIC/S presently comprises 54 Participating Authorities worldwide (Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia).

MedCana Objectives for our customers and partners:

  • Leverage technology to create full traceability from seed to final product for our partner companies and other clients.

  • Leverage weather, technology, people, and product to create a global company with the technology and know how to help our customers and partners have the highest quality, globally certifiable products derived from cannabis.

  • Expand our investment quickly to grow our partners to become one of the largest, if not the largest, growth, processing, and exporting operation in Colombia and other South American Countries.

  • Help por partners and customer create unique patentable products through our R & D department and exceptionally well-qualified staff.

  • Help our partners create globally certified pharmaceutical grade extracts in the short term.

  • Help our partner create globally certified consumables, textiles, and cosmetics with CBD extracts.

The Goal


MedCana aims to build our Partner companies into one of the most advanced Cannabinoid production and processing organizations globally.

Our goal is to have our customer and partners produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts worldwide while maintaining high ecological standards and community investment. 

MedCana's initial focus is on partnering and developing companies in Latin America with an initial focus in Colombia and partnerships with laboratories, research facilities, and hospitals throughout the world. 

We will use our proprietary software to track seed to product and offer software to other companies worldwide.

meet the team
We've carefully assembled the top experts in management, cannabis sciences, marketing and production. 

 Gabriel Diaz


As a passionate entrepreneur, Mr. Diaz built, expanded, and successfully ...


Claudio Jiménez Cartagena QF Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Joins MedCana after working with Sosteli Pharma as Technical Director and serving..

Julian Londono.JPG

Julián Alberto Londoño Londoño, Ph.D.

Senior V.P. of Operations

Served as the General Manager for the Corporation for Agricultural Industrial...


Jairo Humberto Patiño Gomez

Senior Advisor 

Focus on Science and Technology, Project Management, and Administration 

Carlos Gomez.JPG

Carlos Esteban Gómez Muñoz

Legal Counsel

He has the unique experience of working as an experienced advisor to companies



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