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why Medcana 

MedCana searched the world over and, we believe The Antioquia Valley, near Medellin, is the perfect location to begin our initial roll out of technology and production. We are partnering with companies here to begin implementation of our technology and tools with out partners. The 5,000 ft elevation and latitude provide optimal spring-like weather year-round. Natural rainfall and multiple Artesian springs mean perfect, clean water. The soils are rich, and combined with the long days of sunshine, we can complete four complete growth cycles per year.  This means access to highest quality, inexpensive, certified materials in order to produce the highest grade pharmaceutical extracts needed by the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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Indoor growth is made easier with the perfect environment

Because of the perfect growing climate, MedCana companies can grow the best yield cannabis strains indoors at a much lower cost structure. 

Perfect climate - better yield
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Because of the perfect growing climate, MedCana companies can grow the best yield cannabis strains indoors at a much lower cost. 


Our companies are building greenhouses to control the environment.  Because of excellent weather, long days, and highly skilled, inexpensive labor, costs decrease dramatically.  An average of twelve hours of sunshine every day, perfect local soils, and plentiful rain and natural springs mean we'll be able to grow four full seasons per year without the cost of expensive and power-hungry lighting. 

Lower costs translate to a better product at a better price to our customers. 

Each of the five subsidiaries has three licenses each to produce, process, and export cannabis.

One hundred acres of some of the finest land on earth for development between the five companies. Some of the most beautiful land in the country, with fresh artesian springs, river frontage, and majestic countryside.

Over seven acres of initial greenhouses space in the first phase of production with monitoring technology and highly trained staff. 

The MedCana promise to the people of The Antioquia Valley and our investors. 

MedCana is out to prove you can do good AND do well. Our initial partnership in the Antioquia Valley operation will employ people from the local villages and pay some of the best salaries for agricultural trades in the country. In addition, MedCana will give back to the local communities to improve the lives of the residents. Schools, clinics, and civic projects will all benefit from our operation. 

And by doing good, we'll do well. Even with the high local salaries, our partner companies will be operating at costs far lower than in the United States, Europe, and Asia. We estimate that all our efficiencies will result in a lower price of finished, top quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil will be dramatically lower than production in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Doing good and doing well in the perfect location. This is part of the MedCana promise. 

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