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Carlos Esteban Gómez Muñoz
Legal Counsel 

With more than 15 years of experience as a Criminal Investigator, Mr. Carlos Gómez is a versatile litigator. He has the unique experience of working as an experienced advisor to companies dedicated to producing cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Mr. Carlos is currently the legal representative of several companies in the cannabis sector. Before serving as a legal representative and Advisor to cannabis companies, he worked as a Criminal Investigator for the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation of Colombia. He successfully led multiple cases related to Human Rights, homicides, extrajudicial executions and criminal gangs, and drug trafficking.

Mr. Carlos Gómez obtained his Law Degree from the American University Corp. (C.U.A.) in Colombia. He expects to complete his master's degree in Economic Criminal Law from the University of la Rioja, Spain, in 2022. 

Mr. Carlos Gómez's areas of expertise are cannabis legislation, processing and analyzing the crime scene, interview techniques, Dactyloscopy and Dactyloscopy protocols, prosecution of crimes of displacement and forced disappearance, research techniques in youth organizations, and computer forensics and criminal intelligence.

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