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Claudio Jiménez Cartagena, QF Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Claudio Jiménez joins MedCana after working with Sosteli Pharma as Technical Director and serving as a Director Consultant for the Corporation for Agricultural Industrial Development at the University of Antioquia. Before that, Dr. Jiménez worked as the Scientific Director at the Institute of Food Science & Technology (INTAL). 

Dr. Claudio Jiménez focuses on the development of analysis using chromatographic methods, advanced organic chemistry, and biochemistry have resulted in vital scientific projects such as: 

  • The validation and standardization of fast, accurate, reliable, and sensitive analytical tests to determine the presence of mercury and methylmercury in shrimp and fish.

  • Design an artificial wetland with the subsurface flow to treat soil polluted with hydrocarbons in a gasoline station in the Municipality of Caldas-Antioquia.

  • Removal of household cleaners and personal hygiene components from the Medellín river waters at Caldas Municipality. The study will use an artificial pilot wetland.

  • Residuality of pesticides in Hass Avocados of southeast Antioquia, as a model of phytosanitary export control.

  • Phytosanitary evaluation of Orellana (Pleurotus Ostreatus), grown in substrates made from agro-industrial residues.

Dr. Jiménez obtained a Doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Antioquia and received a Summa cum Laude distinction for the best 2011 doctoral Thesis "Determination of pesticide residues in fruits, fruit pulps, and water." Before that, he obtained a Master's degree in Basic Biomedical Sciences (2001) and presented his dissertation "Determination of oxidative stress in cystic fibrosis patients." He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1996) - Dissertation "A system for supplying essential hospital consumables for the Social Security Institute.

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