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Jairo Humberto Patiño Gomez
Senior Advisor 

Dr. Jairo Patiño's focus on Science and Technology, Project Management, and Administration are due to his vast experience in research and development, innovation, commercial management, and technology transfer. Dr. Patiño is responsible for creating various organizations, including Technology Management and Technology Development and Research Centers. He currently serves as an Advisor to the International Technological Center of Innovation and Competitiveness (INNCOM) in Monterrey, Mexico. He's an advisor in the construction and planning of the following National Technological Development Centers (T.D.C.s) in Colombia and an advisor in the Center for Technological Development of Colombian fish farming in Huila, Colombia. 

Dr. Jairo Patiño is the former Executive Director for the National Council of Colombia Agriculture Department (CONSA) and participated in key projects with the Agency of Rural Development and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Colombia). During his tenure at the Center for Science and Technology and Innovation in Food in Antioquia, he participated in forming over 50 international agreements with several organizations (Institutes, Universities, and Private Enterprises) by providing services in technology transfer, technological support, and shared projects. He also served as the National Representative for COLCIENCIAS ("National Food Science and Technology System") and later as the Official Representative for Colombia at the CYTED (Spain) and IBEROEKA Forums in various countries: Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, And Cuba.


Dr. Patiño obtained his Doctoral Degree in Food and Science at the University of Havana, Cuba. He has participated in various industry-related projects in Spain, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico.   

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