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Julián Alberto Londoño Londoño, Ph.D.
Senior V.P. of Operations

Dr. Julián Alberto Londoño served as the General Manager for the Corporation for Agricultural Industrial Development and as Chief Scientific Officer at Sosteli Pharma in the Resource Management Department. He has more than 12 years of experience as Resource Management Director (financial, physical, and human), leading research projects with different sources of funding (13 projects of Research, Development, and Innovation with a budget close to 12,000 million Colombian Pesos.)

Director of the Food Engineering Research. He has also developed patents for "New method for detecting antimalarial drugs" (U.S. Patent Office N° 61/159, 565. PCT/EP2010/053007) and "Tetracyclines encapsulation method" (WO2018/154538. PCT/IB2018/05122). He recently served as a Senior Advisor to the Secretariat of Agriculture Development for the Government of Antioquia.

Dr. Julián Alberto Londoño obtained a Doctoral degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Antioquia, Colombia, and was awarded a "cum Laudem" distinction for this thesis: Obtaining antioxidants from citrus industry waste: "An approach to the development of liposomal hesperidin." Before that, he obtained a Pharmaceutical Chemist degree in (2005) from the University of Antioquía.  

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